Metal City, is specialized in turning your creative vision into reality.

Our range of Neon is available for any light fitting:

Illuminated signage
Architectural lighting
Commercial applications, such as illuminated POS displays, channel letters, light boxes, box, and backlight.
Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Floors uplighters, Wall panels, advertising

Ask for our range of Neon Tubes, neon Electrodes, and neon Transformers Wide variety of high-quality, to meet the requirements of any signage application.


Neon Tubes 10mm Length = 1.2 m (Box 150 Pcs)
Neon Tubes 12mm Length = 1.2 m (Box 100 Pcs)
Neon Tubes 15mm Length = 1.2 m ( Box 80 pcs)
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