Products Metals Pre-Weathered (Bronze/Copper/Brass)

Pre-Weathered Patina provides architects and designers a range of colors on a long lasting surface (Bronze, Copper, Brass & Brown)

Preweathered materials are generally used for structures requiring extended longevity under low maintenance conditions.

These active metals when left unprotected tend to oxidize in atmosphere by forming a natural protective gray-green patina.

Preweathered also available in Composite Panel as follows:

Bronze composite panel
Copper composite panel
Brass composite panel


Natural Patina Coloring
High End architecture providing beauty and Elegance
No maintenance or cleaning
Durability and sustainability


Residence and buildings
Public projects and Hospitals
Hotels and luxury architecture
Roofing, cladding and Facades

THICKNESS 1.00 and 1.50 mm (Other thickness available upon request)

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