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Engraving Material feature a colored coating on top of the sheet.

TRANSPLY: variety of color combinations available both in glossy and matt finishes. The very thin surface of TRANSPLY makes it possible to engrave fine textures without shadow effects and free of reflections.

LASERPLY: Ideal material for engraving and cutting by laser

LASER FOIL Available in different colors and adhesive, ideal for convex applications.

ACRYLEX  A lustrous brushed satin made, with a blend of acrylic extruded sheets.


Identifications name plate  for machines
Labels  for electrical panel boards
Staff identification badges for hospitals schools exhibitions, banks…
Bar & Restaurant signs
Engraved plaques for Ceremonies and Memorials
Engraving signs for offices and business premises and many others applications

We provide magnetic solutions for all kinds of badges

  • Magna-badge / Magna-disc
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