Products Plastics Polyamide - HMWPE - UHMWPE

Polyamide is a hard and strong material with high impact resistance and ease of processing.


Resistant to chemicals
Resistant to High temperature
High impact resistant and long life material
Non Stickiness (Food do not stick)
No negative effect on human health Hygienic nature (Health compliant)
Unaffected by taste and smell of food
Do not break or spoil
High thermal expansion


- Cutting boards for food, vegetables and Meat
- Hotel and catering items
- Kitchen equipments and lining
- Laboratory equipments
- Rails and posts
- Machining of industrial parts
- Protective and safety items (EPIS)
- Protective items for machinery
- Thermo conforming
- Impact protection
- Cold rooms, door and wall cladding
- Shop windows
- Industrial protection
- Urban furniture
- Pistols, rings and Hydraulic rings
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